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Jul 25, 2011

u feel it, when you read it!

girl says :
i can't promise you perfection,
cause that is not who i am.
i can't promise you forever, 
cause i don't hold fate within my hands.
i can't promise you the sunshine, 
because i know there will be rain.
i can't promise you complete happiness,
cause with true love, there comes pain.
i can't promise to always smile,
cause life always has a way to make me cry.
i can't promise to always stand strong,
cause it's never easy to want to give life another try.


guy says :
i know you're not perfection.
to me, you're so much more.
i know we may not have forever,
so i treasure every moment with you,
in case another one isn't in store.
yes, i'd like the sunshine,
but i'll stand with you through the rain.
your happiness is my happiness,
so i'll do whatever i can to ease your pain.
when i first saw you smile, i fell in love at once.
AND even deeper i fell,  the first time i saw you cry,
it was at that moment i realized, i wanted to protect you,
AND always be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes.
i know that life is difficult,
and has given you more than your fair share of pain and lies,
but that's why i'll be your strength when yours falls broken...


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